IoUC’s Monthly Recap (June 2016) – Stories Relating to the Internet of Unintended Consequences


Welcome to our monthly recap of stories relating to The Internet of Unintended Consequences. This month’s stories cover many issues including: reveries od the connected world; digital dangers of staying plugged in on vacation; emoji as corporate tools; ransomeware targets smart TVs; new era of digital identity management; building good digital citizens; robots learns how to make friends and influence people; and more.

Hope you had a fun and safe Fourth of July!

These are some of the articles, reports, posts, etc. that caught our attention this week. Some links can only be accessed via our Twitter account @I_oUC. We originally send them out through our twitter account @I_oUC, so follow us to get them as we find them. But many of them are such great resources we don’t want you to miss them, so we’ve decided to put them as a monthly recap. Some links will take you to their original sources, whether Lexology, PC Mag, SC Mag, NLR, and/or others. For others you need to go to our Twitter handle first. Enjoy and let us know some of the stories you’ve found interesting this week. Just share in the comments below.

  • Looking forward to this: Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World – Official Trailer
  • Digital patch kit: How to protect yourself from data leaks
  • Legal Bits & Business Bytes Monthly Lunch-n-Learn 
  • Intel Releases Research About the Digital Dangers of Staying Plugged In on Vacation 
  • Hands Off My Smiley Face: Emoji Become Corporate Tools
  • Champions of a Monster Polaroid Yield to the Digital World
  • 5 Steps To Securing Yourself From Online Identity Theft 
  • Millennials More Likely to Unplug While on Vacation (Infographic) 
  • Beware, this ransomware is seeking to target your Smart TVs
  • Internet Security, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiSpyware Quiz 
  • Attorney General offers summer tips for online safety and security
  • How citizen journalism can lead to cyber bullying 
  • New Legislation Expands Stalking Laws, Adds Rules For Online Activity And Social Media
  • Facebook’s Suicide Prevention tool to offer support to at-risk users – National
  • Cyberbullying: So you’ve become a meme – National – NZ Herald News
  • Have We Reached a New Era for Digital Identity Management? ‪ 
  • Creepy startup will help landlords, employers, online dates strip-mine intimate data from your FB page
  • The Creepy (and Totally Legal) Way Your Landlord Could Be Spying on You
  • North Carolina’s cyberbullying law violates First Amendment – Supreme Court
  • How Do YOU Build Good Digital Citizens? » Britannica 
  • 4 Tips for Tackling Citizen-Centric Design and Outreach 
  • IRobot CEO on tech’s future: Imagine your whole home as a robot – Boston Business Journal
  • Google Outlines Plan for a Kill Switch That Would Prevent a Robot Takeover
  • 10 Ways to Protect Social Media Passwords From Hackers
  • Law2sm’s Recap 06/01/16 – Interesting Stories Related to Cyber-bullying 
  • Even Mark Zuckerberg Got Hacked: Here’s a Basic Internet Security Mistake to Avoid
  • Summertime Security: 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi ‪ 
  • Law2sm’s Monthly Recap 06/01/16 – Stories Relating to Social Media & the Law 
  • Biometrics technology is reshaping the landscape of the security industry ‪ 
  • How to delete your smartphone data securely before selling your device
  • Millennials & Mobile Payments: What is the Price of Convenience?
  • The European Commission Wants You To Log Into Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards
  • Most Americans Get Their News From Social Media
  • Spy Games Creator Issues Traveling Tips to Public 
  • Don’t Hand Our TVs Over to Google
  • The True Cost of Online Crime ‪ 
  • Millennials Could Learn From Baby Boomers When It Comes To Security
  • Google Innovates Online Security Measure, No More Passwords By The End Of This Year
  • Are YOU Hiring Robots Yet? | Global Sales Growth
  • 4 myths that will change how you define bullying
  • Robots Learn How to Make Friends and Influence People
  • White House Announces Initiative Focused on Artificial Intelligence ‪ 
  • Lessons for Stopping an Adult Cyberbully
  • Cyberbullying facts: 5 things to spot and how to help your child online
  • These 5 Organizations Hope To Stop Online Harassment In Its Tracks
  • Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to
  • Does Social Media Help the Government-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask 
  • 7 Password Experts on How to Lock Down Your Online Security
  • Warning issued over fake online ads for puppies and kittens
  • Two Sigma’s David Siegel Worries About Robots Taking Over ‪#IoUCRobots
  • Law2sm Recap: Stories Related to Cyber-bullying 5/01/16 
  • IoUC’s Monthly Recap (Apr. 2016) – Stories Relating to the Internet of Unintended Consequences ‪ 

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