Written Blogs

Researched and high quality our blog posts offer information you need to know in concise tidbits. Each one answers two basic questions: what to know (concepts made easy) and what to do (tips and lessons learned). We pride ourselves in making sure we reach a subject-matter expert each time we present you with information so you know it is credible, timely and relevant.

Video Blogs

Informal, high quality and with an element of fun, Tom and Deb offer a quick conversational introduction to various new technology topics including news headlines and real experiences (including frustrations) with handling what can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Call-in Radio Show

A thirty-minute bi-weekly show curated on BlogTalkRadio that discusses the topic in more detail and invites listeners to participate with Tom and Deb.


Through a question and answer exchange we learn what others experience as they traverse the world of new technology. Subject matter experts, technology professionals, authors, artists, and others join the conversation.

Book Club 

Everyone loves a good book. And many of us enjoy sharing about what we’ve read. The books in our book club focus on new technology and how we can deal with it – or not. Read the current selection and share your insights and thoughts or browse through the recommended reading list for private reflection. It’s up to you. New selection every month.

Book Reviews

There are so many good books out there – too many to include in our monthly book club. So we do some extra reading and share with you our thoughts about them, especially some of the highlights.


Pamphlets, white papers, e-books, magazine articles. We write them and we share them. Some of them are based on our interests. Some of them are based on yours. Customized articles also available. Contact for more information.

Speaking Engagements

We are ready to participate in various events and provide relevant information to journalists and media. We can customize a topic session based on length or event format, including:

  • Community Roundtables
  • Conference Keynotes & Workshops
  • Higher Education Guest Lectures
  • Offline panel discussions
  • Online chats and forums
  • Radio and TV Interviews 

To inquire please send an email with the name of the event, date, time and venue to with “Speaking Inquiry” in the Subject line.

Media inquiries should be sent to

All engagements are subject to a fee + travel expenses. 


We provide trainings relating to handling new technology, including the impact technology has on society and our culture.

  • These trainings can be customized to address specific concerns and for specific audiences. 
  • Formats include one-day and multi-day, lunch and learn, etc.
  • Can be conducted on-site or virtually.
  • Throughout US and World 

All engagements are subject to a fee + travel expenses.